Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Dragon's German Comfort Food

Just yum.
Even though the days feel like spring, the nights are still cool enough that I long for something substantial for supper.  Fortunately for me, the Resident Dragon enjoys cooking.  Since we're both Scot-Irish-German, our comfort foods usually include potatoes.  This is less a recipe than an idea.

Onions, chopped
Garlic, minced
Seasoning Salt
Italian seasoning
Baked potatoes, cubed with skin on
Summer sausage or kielbasa

Slice sausage and saute until done and browned.  Remove sausage, but add onions to the sausage pan, and saute until clear, adding garlic at the very end.  Add potatoes, seasoning salt, and Italian seasoning to taste.  Cook until potatoes are well-coated and browning.  Add cooked sausage back and warm through.

Experiment by adding cooked vegetables, switching out your meat & spices, or adding sweet potatoes!

Make in large quantities and keep in refrigerator to enjoy after that long day at work!

What's cooking in your Savory kitchen?


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Great Recipe Site

Veggies rock!
Congratulations to Amy Lawrence and Justin Fox Burks!  Their Chubby Vegetarian blog is featured in a Meatless Monday over at Mother Earth News.

They are also up for a Homie at as Best Recipe site!

Take a look at their wonderful site, then hop on over to and cast your vote!


Easy Recipe: Sausage Grits Scramble Cup

Who says you have to eat out?
The Resident Dragon has gotten on the home-made fast food bandwagon with his version of a Krystal Scrambler.

The easy directions

He prepares grits according to the package directions.  He uses some of my baked sausage, and scrambles eggs.  Then he layers them in reusable containers (bottom to top):


Be sure to leave extra room for the breakfast to swell as it warms.  He stores them in the freezer, then pops them in the microwave for 2-5 minutes depending upon how hot you want them, and the power of your microwave.

He added some sausage gravy . . .

The analysis

The Krystal version is about $3.  While I have not calculated the exact savings, consider that grits cost no more than $1 per pound (which is a lot of grits), eggs are about $0.15 each, the sausage about $0.50, and the cheese about $0.50 for an estimated cost of $1.55.

If you don't care for grits, consider substituting an underdone, semi-mashed baked potato.  Bacon or ham could stand-in for the sausage, and you can prepare your eggs any of several ways.


Easy, portable, delicious!
Do not waste your hard-earned money on instant grits, or oats, or things like that.  Go real; they really do not take any more time than the instant and the real costs much much less.

The verdict

With a little planning, you can enjoy the convenience of fast foods from your own kitchen while saving your hard-earned pennies!

So, what's cooking in your Savory kitchen?